Comedy Over Tragedy (Photo by author)

I barely notice the two masks outside the building. One laughs at me. The other cries.

We walk at a distance behind the couple in front of us. Maybe they just stepped into public after being released from prison — not sure how to interact with society. Hands in pockets…

Photo by Author

A sunset offers inspiration to reflect on the day gone by, giving perspective to the greatness of the world around us.

As dusk threatens the horizon, the far-away sky glows orange which softens to blue before giving way to complete darkness. It calms the soul for the approaching bedtime.


Patch from the Invisible Weaver. Pictures by author.

I can’t unsee the picture on Facebook. It’s not bad, not at all.

My daughters posted it for my birthday, the three of us clowning around on a beach at sundown. As I look at it, I realize it shows more than you might think.

First, Daughter #1 isn’t a…

Photo by Katie Dorsey

On a cold January night, flakes glisten in the moonlight as the flurry hints at a storm. I plan a fire before starting to write. Maybe the crackle of dry wood mixed with a dose of binaural music will inspire the missing chapter in my latest book.

I think back…

LST -496 at Normandy

Lookout towers along our coastlines once stood watch for German U-boats preying on U.S. ships— a concrete testament to our country’s resolve in defending a way of life. Today, as we walk those beaches, the towers melt into the natural landscape.

Robert Whaley joined the Navy at 17. Not after…

How One Teacher Touched Our Lives

Leading by example in a Halloween getup.

Around Delaware, turkey dinners and turkey bowls will soon give way to impromptu class reunions.

On one such recent occasion, my grade school classmates gathered to reminisce shortly after one of our favorite teachers, Jack Collins, passed away. …

Christmas season doesn’t end at our house until the tree comes down. It’s still sopping water from the base, but its branches sag now that the music has faded away. The Charlie Brown train stopped running weeks ago. Needles litter the track.

Things changed this year.

We bought a smaller…

A tour of the Battleship New Jersey brings a sailor to life.

Photos by author

Politicians applaud our Veterans during election cycles. Restaurants offer special deals for a day in November and we thank them for their service as casually as somebody holding open a door. …

Paul Dorsey

When not working as a Financial Advisor, Paul writes about everyday people. His first book, Forbidden Inheritance was published in 2020.

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